You’re Next

The note fell out the moment I opened my locker. You’re next. it read, in scratchy, scribbled handwriting. I picked it up and shrug. It was a strange note to leave in someone’s locker, but then again, it was just a strange month. It was the last month of Senior Year and everyone was in a strange…

Frozen To Death

As New England gears up for a Nor’easter, I decided to write a short story about the cold, blizzards, and (naturally) murder.

Stay Out Of The Woods

Lola thought she had left the horrors of Wolf Creek behind with her dead brother; until 13 years later she receives a package from him, urging her to come home.

Can I Come Home Now?

I knew she was going to leave me the minute she told me she wanted to name our daughter Myriam, and I told her I hated the name. I mean, she was gonna leave me anyway, but that was the straw that packed her bags. Despite our differences, I tried to make it work. I…


I’ve known Marie for as long as my memory goes back. I can’t remember a time she wasn’t with me. We’ve been best friends for what seems like forever. She’s the sister I never had. She’s my twin flame. She’s an extension of myself. Marie is everything I’m not; tall, blonde, pretty. She is smart,…

I Want Him Back

A short story about a woman who will do anything to get her love back.